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We believe that God’s greatest
gift to the Earth is Jesus.

Last evening our door bell rang. It was our neighbor, Jennifer, SHe handed me a card and said, "You have been gifted" I did not fully understand. This morning our sidewalk and driveway were cleared of the snow and we knew she, her husband Robert and two sons had done it..THANKS !!
Mary – Tallmadge
I was at the store buying groceries for Christmas Eve dinner when a nice looking couple behind me gifted me by paying for my groceries. I was stunned at their generosity and I told them I would surely pay their kindness forward. God is good!
Jane – Munroe Falls
I was gifted a beautiful poinsettia by a beautiful lady who works at Reserve Psychologic Consultants, Inc. Whenever I see this plant I will remember her gift to me. A reminder of our greatest gift - Jesus Christ!
Mary – Wadsworth
My husband has been off work for 2 months due to a fall, and I was just back to work this week after having surgery myself.. My last customer of the day "gifted " me with a generous tip and a restaurant gift card. What a blessing at this particular time. Thank you so much!
Beth – Akron
I work at LAfitness Gym i clean up there and this gentleman came up to me and said God Bless you and merry Christmas and handed me a card and it had a 100 dollar bill i was blown away that really touch my heart and soul,Thank you so much my Angel...
George – cleveland ohio
On behalf of the Miller,Chavis,and Latherow family I would like to thank you for the gift of the 100 gift card my youngest brother recieved. My brother James R. Miller II was diagnosed with cancer and your gift came at a very trying time for our family so again I say thank you. Please pray for Jim
Sondra – cuyahoga falls
My husband committed suicide in the middle of October and left me and my 2 young children. I got a card in the mail at work the other day with a check in it from the church to help with Christmas presents. I had been gifted and it was extremely unexpected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Michelle – Highland Hts. Ohio
I was standing in line at Chipotle when two people in front of me turned around and offered to buy my meal. It was great to see the true spirit of Christmas being carried out in my community by these small acts of kindness!
Laura – Stow
I was on the bus going home then a woman and a girl came, and a little girl gave me and the other two people on the bus $20 each. Thank you so much. That makes all the difference in our lives.
Lynn – Kent
a hugh thanks to the table next to us at the spaghetti warehouse in akron,oh yesterday. me and my friends and my son ate there for lunch and we went to pay and are waiter said we were gifted thank you so much
erin – west farmington,oh
I was blowing leaves in my front yard with my pitifully weak leaf blower and I noticed that there was a very professional looking group of guys doing the same thing directly across the street. To my great surprise, after they had finished, they all came across the street and finished my yard!
Steve – Stow
A complete stranger handed me this card along with some cash... and was gone before I even knew what was in my hand. The timing was supernatural, and this card hangs in my bedroom to remind me that God provides even when my faith is weak.
Alison – Akron
Some kind and generous soul paid for my hair service at the Abraham Hair Salon, I in turn paid it forward by giving cash to a young mother of 3 and sent Christmas flowers to a nursing home. It was as much a blessing to give as it was to receive. Thank you for this experience! Merry Christmas!
Denise – Richfield, Ohio
My daughter is a cheerleader for Green High School. I was unable to pay the fees for her to cheer this year and I told her coach my situation and within 2- 3 weeks I received a call from her telling me it was paid for! All I can say is thank you very much!
Traci – Green
I was at walmart getting the last of my christmas shopping done with my mother and my 2 kids. Got to the checkout and this guy came behind us in line and when they started checking me out he said do u mind if i pay for this. Its from my church and youve been gifted. All i could do was cry. God bless
jessica – stow
My mom and I were having lunch @ First Watch in Solon when the hostess presented us with a card and told us our meal had been paid for. What a pleasant surprise! It moved me to pay the kindness forward and brighten the lives of others.
Leslie – Twinsburg
I am 87 yrs old. I was raking leaves toward the road for the City to pick up..My two neighbor boys came with their rakes and finished the job for me..I was gifted.
Mary – Tallmadge, Ohio
My daughter and I were at Goodwill to buy clothing for a family in need. As the cashier totaled my purchase a women and her daughter approached and paid the bill. My daughter saw exactly what Christmas was all about... Thank you for the blessing.
Katherine – Northfield
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