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We believe that God’s greatest
gift to the Earth is Jesus.

I was at walmart getting the last of my christmas shopping done with my mother and my 2 kids. Got to the checkout and this guy came behind us in line and when they started checking me out he said do u mind if i pay for this. Its from my church and youve been gifted. All i could do was cry. God bless
jessica – stow
I was sitting in the library watching people go by and this nice man handed me an envelope and said Merry Christmas. I said thank you and Merry Christmas to you. To my surprise, I opened the envelope and there was a wonderful gift just for me. I told my daughter, the Lord has blessed me again.
Elizabeth – Twinsburg, Ohio
Single mom working and going to school full time. Having a set back due to medical issue and needing to take every friday on work for iron treatments. It can make the holidays less enjoyable until i got a card from a coworker. May God bless you all as you touch others with you kindness
Carla – Euclid
Spending much needed time with my husband and was GIFTED. We have been helping my ailing mother and the trials that can come with this can be overwhelming and God reminded us that he is there with his love working through wonder people so now we will take our turn to show his love and pass a gift to
Rose – Ravenna
Went to mcdonalds with the family and got up to pay lady said the guy in front of us paid for your whole order and gave me card we got gifted I am so thankful and it touched my heart thank you so much who ever the man was we greatly appreciated it and will pass on the gift to help others thank you
the partin family – Amherst
We had ordered a gift for our 3-year old but found out on Christmas Eve that it would not be delivered until after Christmas. This being his primary gift, I rushed to the store to get something to take its place only to be surprised by someone asking to cover the purchase. Thank you!
Brian – Streetsboro
Was gifted today by Shelly R. It was a nice, thoughtful gesture that made me smile.
Dana – North Royalton,Oh
I was at the Walmart in Streetsboro in the checkout line when this kind woman asked to pay for my groceries and said I had been gifted. Her kindness overwhelmed me to tears! God Bless her for her kindness and showing my daughter the true meaning of Christmas!
Patti – Streetsboro
My husband and I were in line buying groceries, and this awesome couple behind us offered to pay for our groceries. I thought they were joking at first, but they were serious. I had like $170 of stuff, too! I hugged & thanked them in a state of shock! THANK YOU!
Julie & Jim – Stow
My kids and I have suffered more than most. Today I was feeling very sad and wishing things will get better...we were shopping at walmart and this family came up to me and gave me a gift card. I was stunned and began to cry. I want them to know that it was like seeing angels.
holly – stow
I have a wonderful neighbor who has always shared shared Christmas with me. But this year I have had more expenses than I could afford and their large gift will help me when I need it most. Thanks Toni & Tina
Bruce – Hudson, OHio
Thank you Katie, and God Bless you, you really touched my heart! I had just assisted someone in need on a cold winter night, and while sitting in my police car, I was Very Pleasantly Surprised, when handed a Cup of Hot Cocoa and a Note, thanking me for all I do! I was gifted. Bless You Katie!!
Rick – Richfield
My name is Henry Cosme, i work for A.S.I.G,in Lax,fueling,first of all. I would really love to say "thank you" for this gift,2,the Captain,on Flt-1665_on the way to Cleveland,,you made my day after a hard day working in the rain, and school!
Henry Cosme – Lennox, Ca, 90304
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