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We believe that God’s greatest
gift to the Earth is Jesus.

I was checking coats at a restaurant that I work for and a man walked in to talk about a reservation he had and the arrangements he wanted to make to pay for the meal for his family. Before he left, he walked over and handed this card to me with $10. Whoever you are, you made my night. Thank you!
Kaylie – Copley
I was shopping at Giant Eagle, Macedonia OH for my family, when a kind lady approached me and said "i was gifted" and gave me $20. I had been through a lot this year and this kind gesture ended this year on a very happy note. I will definetly forward this gesture. Thank you.
Sebastian – Northfield
Not long after walking into Steak-n-Shake in Aurora/Bainbridge and placing our order, the waitress presented a business card with a message that we have been gifted. Our breakfast had anonymously been paid in full! This is truly a blessing for never know what someone my be going through.
Tammy – reminderville
Today I was at work, I am a cashier at best buy. I get a lot of stressed out unhappy customers. I got the pleasure of ringing out a man, who talked with me about his daughter, at the end he gave me an envelope. Thinking it was a card, but Inside it had $10, honestly I am greatful for him, thank you.
Allie – Akron
I was in the Dollar Store and much to my surprise the nice lady in line in front of me paid for my purchases - I was so surprised and felt I did not deserve this gift - but I am very very grateful for it. Thank You!
L – Aurora, Ohio
My sister and I were standing in line for a movie in Hudson, and an older couple asked how we were doing. After a few questions, they ended up paying for our movie and said "God Bless!" It was such a small, but kind act that brightened our whole day! Thank you!
Chelsea – Hudson, Oh
My wife and I were enjoying breakfast at Perkins in Hudson, OH this date. We were visiting our grandchildren in Hudson. The waitress notified us our meal was paid for. We sincerely appreciate the generosity and thank the donor from the bottom of our hearts.
Walter – Rittman, OH
I went to get the mail today and there was a enevolope addressed to me and inside was a $20 gift card for chipotle.I am recovering from surgery and this was the most amazing gift that brightened my day.I want to say thanks from the bottom of my daughter and I will enjoy thisthis.
tammy – stow
Was in line at a store checkout a lady came up and said she would pay for my purchases. I have been very sad as I am spending my first Christmas without my husband of 21 yrs. I have been feeling very much alone , thank you for the reminder that I am not. Thank you, Merry Christmas
Andrea – Northfield
I was so thankful.I was actually at the store trying to figure out my grandkids something small for Xmas because funds are short cause my husband is disabled and they have nothing for Xmas so when this man came up and gave me this $25.00 Walmart card I was so them a few more gifts.
Billie – Kent
What an enormous gift! It changed my whole outlook on the holiday season, it was the push I needed to spread joy to others by receiving your gift. Thank you for thinking of us....God Bless
Shawn – Macedonia, Ohio
After having small shopping in Aldi I was waiting to pay the bill but suddenly I was gifted by one of the ladies with theGIFTED CARD who was just before me it surprised&made me very happy finally I thanked her for this Gifted Card
Chandra – Kent
I work at a restaurant and had a family come in and we where very busy they left me this card and $50 tip I just want to say thank so much you truly made my day :-)
emilie – starke
To the couple who came into steak n shake on Christmas God bless you twos very much. These people came in and paid for our meals. My family and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this for us and I wanted to shake your hands and give you the biggest hugs this guy can give.
Charlie – Macedonia
My co-worker heard that I was struggling with my depression after my Grandmothers death just before Thanksgiving. She gave me this card and money to buy yarn to help quiet my mind in my grief. I will pay it forward with this card.
Traci – Canton Ohio
I was the next car at starbucks, just got off work, tired and not in the holiday spirit. When I was told I had been gifted you made my day and reminded me what Christmas and good people are about. Thank you
Mike – Sagamore Hills
Thank you to the kind stranger in Macedonia today! It truly is the little things that touch us the most. Your gift came at a time when I needed a reminder about the reason for the season and a little restored faith in people. Thank you!
James – Macedonia, Ohio
On December 11th 2015 a customer approached the restroom and stated you do such a wonderful and great job and you have been gifted and handed me this card with $40 and said happy holidays and God bless I cried and said Thank you but I cannot accept it and she said yes you can happy holidays in left
sherise bridges – Macedonia Ohio
I was at the Macedonia Walmart buying a sub sandwich for my two children and myself and I could not have prepared for what happened next. The gentlemen in front of me paid for his sandwich and left. Next thing I know, I am receiving change for something I had not paid for yet. Thank you.
Rickey – Cleveland, Ohio
Today at my job working at a Doctors office someone stopped in and gave me a gift card to show their appreciation on how I treated them last week at their appointment. I was having a stressful day and it truly made my day better. I have only been at this job for a month so this was a blessing!
Darlene – Akron
I went to have dinner at restaurant with my mother and sister in Christ. We had pray before dinner and we talked about our day. I had not been able to spent time with family a lot because I was in school. The Lord had to send us to this place to receive the blessing. I thank God for giving you .
Deborah – Cleveland
Feeling blessed. I needed tires very badly. The manager Ben at this local tire store knew I was struggling with how to pay for those tires. He had agreed to work with me, then handed me the "Gifted" card. Very Blessed and Thankful! Praise God!
Flora – Akron
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