The morning that Joe invited us to help with another Kingdom assignment, I felt a nudge from God to go up. Little did I know what was being asked of me. The minute he explained, I was ready to just sit back down and pass my envelope off to someone else. This was a task that took me out of my comfort zone completely. In fact, I was truly worried about what I could possibly do with this money.

I prayed continuously asking God how to utilize this assignment for His greater good. For many weeks, I was left feeling as though this was a bad idea. How could God use me to help further his kingdom? In time, I felt that God was asking me to use this money to help with a ministry that is just really getting off the ground. In time, we learned of a ministry located in Cincinnati (a place near and dear to me and my family) that is planting a church in downtown Cincinnati. Through prayer, God led us to In this group we found a passionate community whose love for Jesus brought them together to love the city of Cincinnati and unite them through His love. At this time, we have been able to provide them with $200 as well as a monthly commitment. We pray that this money continues to grow God’s Kingdom.

Amy Brewer | $200.00