I was one of the recipients of the envelope that had our kingdom assignment and like most others I was surprised to see a $100(along w/a donated $20) inside when I opened the envelope! There was excitement at first as I truly felt privileged to receive this assignment because I knew it would bless others and stretch me by getting me out of my comfort zone! And it did! As I prayed over it I felt there were many directions I could choose to go but felt lead to host a private fitness class at a TruBarre Studio which I attend regularly. I called it ‘Raising The Barre’ as each attendee got to know that they were supporting a great cause-helping raise money for victims of human trafficking. After working out the details of renting the studio, sending invitations, making homemade bread as a thank you and a special prize drawing at the end, the event went well and we were able to raise $270 which I have donated to Rahab for the Minor Safe House! Thank you again for this opportunity!

Brenda Liptak | $270.00