My sump pump annoys me.

It didn’t used to but it does now. In 2003 we had a flood here in Hudson. After seeing what happened in Houston, I feel a little sheepish calling what happened here a flood but I don’t know what else to call it. I did look out my front window and see some kids tubing down the middle of our street, and my neighbor broke out his kayak for the afternoon.

Anyway, before the flood, I didn’t even know I had a sump pump. It just sat down in my basement clicking on every once in a while doing his thing. I pretty much let my sump pump have his privacy.

Then after the flood we decided to put a backup battery system in place in case we had a heavy rainfall and the power went out. It would allow my sump pump to still have power. I thought it would make my sump pump happy, but instead it made him annoying. Now when the battery is low or the wires are corroded or he just needs attention, he begins to beep.

Upstairs it is very faint but, like being tortured by a small drop of water on my forehead, it wears me down. I ignore it for as long as I can before going down and trying to see if I can fix the problem (like that’s ever going to happen) or calling the plumber. I’m always tempted to just find the wire that will stop the beeping and yank it but I never do. This is why:

The sump pump is telling me something. He’s telling me that I’m more vulnerable than I want to be.

Being vulnerable means you can be hurt and you can’t stop the hurt.

I remember hearing years ago that you can choose the sin but you can’t choose the consequences. Sin makes you vulnerable and exposes you to a pain you cannot control. 

Scripture beeps at me. Scripture beeps at everyone. That’s why some people don’t read it or get mad at it or ridicule it. My sump pump is trying to do me a favor. It’s not causing me pain; it’s warning me that I am vulnerable to pain. Scripture doesn’t cause me pain; it warns me that I am vulnerable to pain.

Don’t ignore the beep. Floods come without much warning. The beep may be the only warning you will get.