From the get-go God had His hand in this process. Jodi and Ed came up at church offering prayers, services and money.  Deb and Bruce texted after church offering their services. We all have the gift of hospitality and we all serve in some capacity for Urban Vision. The challenge was on! Prayers were constantly lifted and answered! Deb and Bruce offered their home to hold the event. All helped orchestrate a dinner to further the ministry of Urban Vision!

Invites were sent and a menu was planned. My butcher, Taylor, is a Christian who owns Butchers Pantry here in Solon. I shared with him the events we were going to pursue from this large order of meat. He then shared he had a long-range business plan to offer apprenticeships in his store. He was still developing this, but wants to stay in touch as he incorporates this concept into his fairly new operation.

From the $100 seed money, my heart was touched by the faithfulness of friends to step up and help, a party was had, money was earned to support a $4700 Urban Vision project and my Christian butcher shared his dream of offering his culinary gifts to refugees who could learn a skill.

The harvest is bountiful, new crops are being planted and God’s cycle continues.  God is good! Thanks for the opportunity!

Ann, Wally, Deb, Bruce, Jodi, and Ed | $4,130.00