This assignment has been quite the learning experience for me. From the moment I heard what our assignment was, I have been worried that I wouldn’t “do it righ.”  Was I supposed to make more money with my $100?  People had suggestions of how to raise funds but I knew I wanted to do something different. Did it have to be money or could it also be people?  Over the past 2 years God has taught me how to step outside of my comfort zone and let Him use me.  I assumed He would do the same here.

As I read the updates from others on this journey, I really felt like I was failing at this assignment. I prayed and prayed with no great ideas of how to make money with money. And then it hit me, the verse Matt 25:40- What you do for the least of these my brothers, you did unto me. It really made me think. Who was “the least”?  I started thinking about who in our culture would be considered the least- children, homeless people, refugees, drug addicts, prisoners? Then once again the light bulb in my head turned on!! Babies born addicted to drugs actually fit into all the categories. They are in bondage to drugs not by their own actions but because of the choices of their mothers. There was my answer. That would be my cause. The recipients of the money I made would be babies addicted to drugs. And then I had another revelation. What they need is not money, but prayer. So how could I do that in a way that would touch specific babies?  That is where I was a couple of days ago when it came to me. I am knitting blankets for babies born to addicted mothers. As I knit each blanket I will pray for the child who will be receiving it. (Much like when people make prayer shawls). I will pray for the child and mother- for release from the bondage of drugs and for God to watch over them and keep them safe. I will pray for God’s hand in the child’s life. I will pray for the mother and child to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

While I can’t give a specific dollar amount, I can say that many people have helped to multiply the kingdom with donating yarn to me and their offers of prayer. One person has even offered to help by knitting blankets also. And as far as how many babies will be touched- we can’t put a dollar amount on that!

Jullie Aspiras