When Pastor Joe made the call, I had been praying for weeks that God would use me in some way. My own kids had either grown and moved on, or were in the process of doing so. Rick, my husband of 25 years and I, were eager to move into the next stage. We pretty much sat on it for a few weeks, unsure of what to do, but in prayer about it nonetheless. He and I are living history interpreters, and actively engage others in the story of our country’s founding. Since our children have grown, we had considered dropping out, and moving on to other things. So, when we participated in an event in July, it was to be our final one. We had not shared this with anyone that we reenact with, just had planned to quietly fade away. However, God had other plans.

We have recently had a family join our group, the mother had married the son of one of the members, and she has nine children from her previous marriage. The previous relationship had been an abusive one, and the children were desperately in need of mentorship. They range in age from 2 to 20 years. It is something, because I was not feeling well, and would have left on Sunday morning, but my husband was the only adult parking cars. Leaving early from the event was not an option. The kids were not able to participate in the events, because their mom could not afford the clothing. We wear reproduction period clothing, that can cost from about $100-$600 a piece, depending. Each outfit is about 5-6 pieces, running about $1500 if one buys them from a seamstress. My hobby is sewing these garments myself, in order to keep my costs down. The reason for the expense, is that these garments are sewn by hand, as sewing machines were not available in the 18th century, the time period that we represent. So, the family, their step-grandma and I were sitting around eating lunch, and I felt that still, small voice tell me to outfit the kids. That was to be my ministry. That Rick was to act as a mentor. Wow, really? My, I thought, really need to pray. To talk with Rick. A bit later, I told him what I felt that I had heard, and he listened. We prayed. Near the end of the afternoon, we sat around as a group again, this time Rick was with me. The childrens’ step-grandma looked at me, and told me verbatim what I had heard earlier, that I felt God had told me. Rick’s jaw dropped, and I must admit, mine did as well. Yes, Rick said, we will do that. We will take on these kids as mentors, we will outfit them, we will be for them what we feel God is calling us to. It is a huge endeavor, but, it has grown exponentially.

Suddenly, people at work have been asking about what I do. They want to be a part. Not only am I working on garments for the kids, but now for young people as well. It will all be at no charge to anyone. We are using the $100 to start an outreach to young people who desperately need mentorship and leadership in their lives. I may not have made money off of this, but I really feel the multiplying of children falls in line with this. Being examples to these young people of Christ’s love. If you do the math, it would take about $1200 average per person to purchase outfits for these kids. Plus, mom has to be included, because it shows the kids that mom is respected as a person as well. So, $100 becomes $12,000 roughly. But that’s just getting started! These kids are beyond excited, and are already responding, especially the older kids. God is truly amazing!!! Our prayer, is that He would provide the needed funds to continue this project, as we are confident that He will. Mark 9:37

Cynthia Skidmore | $12,000