Bill and I attend the Highland Square Campus and had each felt the call that day to walk up and be part of Multiplying the Kingdom. After much prayer, we realized that God was calling us to multiply “HIS” kingdom by spreading God’s love and building relationships within the surrounding community of Highland square. We have felt a clear call as a couple to clean up a public owned piece of property across the street by our church where we plan to hold seasonal plantings with the children from Emanuel Christian. This property has not been maintained in years and will be quite a challenge but we can see it so clearly visible in God’s beauty with lots of bright colors and children’s hands in the soil building relationships of love. We have also connected with 2 separate families in the Highland Square community that we will be helping with some yard projects and upkeep to their homes. We have felt the blessings of new relationships we otherwise wouldn’t have had! We feel Our call is to be emerged into our Church surroundings spreading peace and God’s love. We knew we couldn’t make all this happen on our original investment of $200.00 so we sold pumpkin rolls on donation and brought our total to $665.00 Our ultimate thought is that having more time building relationships through God’s love in the surrounding area of our campus the more firmly we can feel planted there. We all have so much love to give 🙂 We plan to continue seasonal plantings with the children and pray for these relationships to blossom and continue to grow season after season. We know that where God Guides God always provides!

Bill and Kathi Messer | $665.00