I am going to be completely honest, when I first figured out what was in the envelope I was excited. It was the beginning of the summer and I had just finished the year out with being asked to the leadership team of a ministry on my University campus. I had an idea for fundraising floating around in my head for a bit and had high hopes for going above and beyond. So 10 to 15 hours of video shooting and editing later I revealed my passion project thinking it would instantly be a success. Friends, I am going to be completely vulnerable with you and tell you that in the eyes of the world…. my project failed miserably. No matter how much I shared or encouraged, the project simply did not follow the trajectory I had planned. At first this made me unsettled and even angry. I could not understand why God would place this opportunity into my life just to watch it fail. Understanding only came when I stopped looking with a worldly perspective and started looking through the lens of a child of God. God does not measure as we so often do in this world, he simply comes to us in love and asks us to walk in obedience. I have reached a peace with this initiative and know that God chose this project as a lesson of obedience and that no matter what, all he asks is for us to be faithful to the next step. The funds we did raise will be donated to Rahab ministries along with a jar full of bible verses folded into little stars to bring hope and comfort to those battling human trafficking. God’s plan is so good and through it all he guides and supports us though his love.

Anna | $125.00