The weather outside is frightful this time of year. I’ve moved inside to work out, and that means I will be watching more movies than usual. Most of them are just to take my mind off the fact that while I should be going somewhere, I’m actually staying in the exact same place (probably a good blog post right there).

The other day I was watching X-Men 2. It has an interesting theme. Certain human beings have evolved with special abilities that make them superior to “normal” humans. They are called mutants.

At one point in the movie, one of the characters, Professor Xavier, is using a machine called “Cerebro.” Through the machine he is able to see every human being on the planet represented by white dots of light. Then he switches and is able to see every mutant on the planet represented by red dots. Professor Xavier then turns to another mutant character and says with a smile, “You see, you are not as alone as you think.”

I have some good friends who recently moved to Las Vegas. They went to the DMV to get their license plates changed. There were 32 stations at this particular DMV. When their names were called they went to their assigned station. After some small talk, the young lady looked at my friend and said with a smile, “You’re a believer aren’t you?” My friend smiled back and said, “Yes I am.”

This young woman went on to tell them that she was the only follower of Christ at that particular DMV. Out of 32 stations, my friends were called to her station. My friends were moving to Las Vegas – commonly referred to as “Sin City.” They didn’t know anyone. God decided to show them in the most unlikely way that they were not as alone as they thought.

Our church has just spent a whole year talking about the Kingdom of God. Many of us participated in what we called the “Kingdom Spree.” We took time to visit many of our local ministry partners. One of the things we learned is the Kingdom of God and his people are everywhere. We are working with refugees and homeless shelters. We are on the streets rescuing women out of prostitution. We are inside of jails and health clinics. We are inside of our schools and in every neighborhood and in every business.

I don’t have a machine like “Cerebro” where I can see every Christian in the world represented by a red dot. But I do have stories of friends who out of 32 possibilities get called to the one station where God can remind them that they are not as alone as they thought. And neither are you.