There’s a famous saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” You’ve probably heard it.

We are now mid-winter here in Ohio, which means we are past the great migration of geese. Each year as the weather turns frigid, we can look up at the sky and see the uneven “V” of geese heading to Florida to play shuffleboard. The geese never invite the chickens or even their duck cousins. It’s just geese – hence the famous saying.

They fly in formation, rotating to the front to conserve energy. They leave together, fly together and arrive together. A goose left behind is in trouble, which may be where another famous phrase applies… the infamous “cooked goose.”

All too often I hear of Christians who have begun to break away from the flock. It usually starts innocently enough. They drop out of Community group, or I notice a more sporadic attendance at church. Then I’ll check with some friends who used to be close to them, and they will shrug their shoulders and say, “Yeah, they’ve kind of disappeared. I reached out to them a couple of times, but they never responded.”

That’s when I know it’s serious. That’s when I’m pretty sure they’ve found a different group to fly with, and that new group is almost always flying in a completely different direction. The next news I get is that they’ve flown away from their marriage or their sobriety or their love of Jesus. And when they do that, their “goose is cooked.”

Christianity is supposed to be a lot like a flock of geese. We all get tired and when we do, we need to have someone help us keep flying. We need friends who will fly with us, stick with us, leave with us, arrive with us.

If you are tired right now, don’t drop out. Find someone who will help you keep flying. One of these days they may need you to encourage them.

You are flying somewhere. Make sure the flock you’re with is heading where you want to end up.