I like signs. I don’t mean billboards that tell me who to call if I have an accident while looking at a billboard. I mean informational signs that tell me I’m going where I want to go. I also like warning signs that tell me to slow down because a sharp curve is coming. I even like speed limit signs. I may not like what they say but I still really want them to be there to tell me.

I was driving not too long ago and realized it had been a while since I saw a speed limit sign. I looked down at my odometer but realized it wouldn’t really help me if I got pulled over. The officer would ask, “Do you know how fast you were going?” And I would smile and say, “Why yes officer, I do. I know this one. I was going 65 mph.” And then he would tell me that was the right answer, but not the right question yet. The next question would be, “Do you realize what speed you were supposed to be going?” And that would make me frustrated because that was the question I’d been wanting to know the answer to but there wasn’t a sign to tell me.

I’ve been reading the Psalms lately. The Psalmist says things about the law of God I didn’t understand for a long time. He compares the law of God to honey and says it is sweet to taste. He says the law of God is like pure gold to be treasured above all else. I think I finally understand.

The Psalmist understood that the law of the Lord is a gift of signs. Signs that can give direction or provide warning before you hit a curve or even let you know what the speed limit is so at least you’ll know.

People want to live in a world without signs. The problem is a world without signs isn’t a world without pain. It’s just a world without warning. People blame God for a lot of things. I get that. But creating a world without signs is not one of those things. He has given us the signs.

If there is a question about how to live your life that you want an answer to, then I can tell you where to start looking. Look where the Psalmist looked. What you find may even be sweet to the taste or valuable beyond measure. At the very least you will find the signs to point you in the way you should go. And that’s why we all like signs in the first place.