I like when things make sense. I was in a plane not too long ago awaiting takeoff. The flight attendant made an announcement that we wouldn’t take off until two people in the front 10 rows moved to the back of the plane. She explained it was about weight distribution. Okay. If I’m going to move seats then it’s nice to know why. I looked around wondering if the guy in the row next to mine counted as much by himself as the two women who were sitting in the row behind us. But, no matter. I like it when things make sense. Weight distribution on a plane makes perfect sense to me. (Now turning off all large electronic devices but leaving on all small ones is a different story.)

There are a lot of things in creation that make perfect sense to me. Every couple of years there seems to be a bee scare. I don’t mean too many bees. I mean there’s a shortage of bees, and without bees there will be a huge problem with flowers and plants of all kinds. Bees are needed to carry pollen from plant to plant, which makes the bee a reproductive specialist. I like it when things make sense.

The other day I was on a beach watching people. Now the fact that I just said I was on a beach probably made you feel something inside of your heart. What you felt was jealousy. Let it go. I actually wrote that past part just to be funny, but as the saying goes, “There is much truth in jest.” Everyone likes the beach. I watched little children play in the sand and octogenarians walk hand in hand with knee socks and floppy hats. And that’s when I asked the question.

Why this?

Why did God create something we call a beach next to the ocean? Why do humans young and old seem drawn to the beach like bees are drawn to flowers? I don’t bring sand back to Ohio like pollen to make spring arrive earlier. There is no good reason for a beach with white sand and water that turns three different shades of blue as it stretches into the horizon, except…

God loves us.

I looked around at that lovely beach and realized that the only reason that makes sense is that God decided that humans would love a beach and so he made one.

Beaches aren’t like bees. They aren’t pragmatic. Unless it’s pragmatic to be reminded of a God who loves you so much he gives you things just because he likes to see you smile.

I love when things make sense.