In light of the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida, I wanted to use this blog post just to pray.

Lord Jesus,

You are the God with scars. Just saying that makes me stop and wonder. The fact that you have scars means you know what it means to experience pain caused by evil. You know the feeling of tears spilling down your cheeks and you know what it is to groan under the weight of injustice. So, we come to you not just because you are our Lord but because you understand how we feel and what we feel.

Please cover us with your grace. Grace that will heal wounds that feel like they may never heal. Grace to forgive what seems like it is unforgivable. Grace to cover the fear that comes without warning. Grace to love instead of hate.

We pray this for the parents and friends and children of the victims in Parkland. And we pray it for ourselves.

We are a people who naturally respond to violence with violence, anger with anger, and hatred with hatred. You absorbed violence, anger and hatred and stopped the cycle by willingly giving yourself. Fill us with your Spirit and give us the power to do what we cannot do and the will to do what we don’t want to do.

We need your protection from the worst that is outside of us and the worst that is inside of us.

May this be a time when we are able to turn to you fully and completely. Change us into people who are more like you and then use us to bring grace and love and healing to those who need it most.