I need to breathe. So do you. You might be able to hold your breath while you read this blog but you will likely end up only thinking about when you can finally quit reading and take a huge satisfying breath. I don’t have any mixed feelings about air. I like it when it goes in and I like it when it goes out.

I don’t feel the same about blood.

Blood is amazing when it’s staying inside my body. I just read a little about blood and found out that by the time you finish reading this sentence your body will have produced approximately 17 million red blood cells. In the time it takes you to read this paragraph your blood will have made a complete cycle throughout your whole body. I know our bloodstream can carry whole armies of white blood cells called leukocytes that pick fights with all kinds of tiny bullies that try to enter our bodies or go where they aren’t supposed to go. Red blood cells carry oxygen and bring healing to the parts of our bodies that have been damaged.

Blood is the one part of me that travels all through my body. There is nothing my blood doesn’t see, nowhere my blood doesn’t go.

Blood is amazing. But even the word gives me mixed feelings. Blood coming outside of my body makes me queasy. Growing up I was a daredevil but not a particularly smart one, which resulted in over 70 stitches in my head, no more than 5 at a time. If I ever go bald I will look like a baseball. Stitches held the blood inside where it belonged because blood flowing outside of my body was nothing but bad news.

There are songs we sing at church that bounce around in my head and I find myself singing to myself as I ride in my car. Most of them are about blood.

“Your blood will never lose its power; your blood will never lose. Your victory will stand forever; your blood will never lose…”

Jesus’ blood flowed out of his body warm and sticky just like it has felt when it flowed out of your body or mine. But it’s his blood that brings healing to my soul. It’s his blood that travels everywhere within me and it’s his blood that has seen all there is to see in me. It’s his blood that brings healing to the damaged parts of me. And it’s his blood that fights for me.

There is power in blood. There is life in blood. There is healing in blood. And never is that more true than when we are talking about the blood that flowed out of Jesus and over you.