I miss a lot. Not too long ago I was riding a bicycle on a beach. I happened to look over toward the water and saw a group of people all looking in the same direction out in the ocean. Since they were looking I looked. After just a few seconds I saw the unmistakable shapes of dolphins easing up and down in the water.

I stopped riding for a few minutes so I could enjoy the free Sea World show. A dolphin sighting is like finding a rare treasure. If I was alone on the beach I would have missed them. I noticed the people who noticed the dolphins so I got to enjoy the treasure.

My life works like that a lot. Yours might too. I’m rarely the first person to read the great book or see the great movie. I notice the people who notice and then I get to enjoy the treasure.

I’ve been thinking about how people come into a relationship with Jesus. I remember hearing the story of a friend who actually started reading the Bible while serving in the Navy on a submarine. He said when he got to the story of Hosea he thought, “If only this was true. If only there was a God who would pursue us like this.” By the time he got to the gospel of John he was convinced and gave himself to Jesus. My friend literally came to Christ in a submarine with a borrowed Bible. That’s really rare.

More often than not, when I ask someone how they came to know Jesus, the story starts with noticing someone. They notice the difference in a friend or a co-worker. They get invited to a concert or a church service and they find themselves in the same position I was when riding my bike on the beach. They noticed someone noticing, so they noticed and then they found the treasure.

I guess I just wanted to encourage you to keep noticing Jesus. When you talk about him when you are at school or out with friends, they notice. When you pull out of your driveway to go to church at the same time your neighbors are heading to the country club, they notice. The day may come when they will stop and ask you what it is that has your attention and your heart.

That’s when you can point them to Jesus. The treasure is waiting for them. All they need is someone to help them notice.