David and Abby Heasley could be the models for the bride and groom that are perched on top of wedding cakes. David happens to be my nephew through marriage. He is the oldest son of my brother in law Rick.

Less than two years after he and Abby wed, they welcomed their first born into the world. Hattie Blake Heasley was born on May 24, 2017. She was born with a very rare chromosomal deletion called 1q43-1q44 Deletion Syndrome. It’s so rare that David and Abby really don’t know what to expect but it seems clear that Hattie will face some significant challenges as she develops. Karen and I spent some time with David and Abby not too long after Hattie was diagnosed. One thing became obvious right away…they are crazy about Hattie.

We sat and talked for a couple of hours over dinner. They are clear eyed about the challenges Hattie will bring but we didn’t hear them say even once, “I wish she was different”. The reason is because they have already fallen in love with Hattie. A Hattie without the chromosome deficiency wouldn’t be Hattie, it would be someone else.

That means David and Abby aren’t the only ones who are crazy about Hattie. That means God is too.

Jesus declares in the Sermon on the Mount that God knows the number of hairs on your head. My guess is his knowledge doesn’t stop there. He knows the astronomical number of synapsis in your brain, the number of red blood cells coursing through your veins at any given time and the condition of each and every chromosome in your unfathomably complex body. He made you. Not someone else…you. A taller or smarter or healthier you wouldn’t be you. It would be someone different. And God loves you with all your faults and all your flaws because you are his idea in the first place.

And this is what hit me as I walked away from talking to David and Abby. God gave this beautiful little girl named Hattie to two people who would see her as the gift he meant her to be. And they would feel the same love for her that rages in His heart for her. There is only one Hattie Blake Heasley. There will only be one and she couldn’t be more perfect or more loved.

When you look in the mirror tomorrow morning you should remind yourself of the same amazing truth. You are one of a kind. God decided that long before you were born.

Follow along and learn more about Hattie’s story here: http://www.lifewithhattie.com