I drink a lot of water.

The first thing I do in the morning is walk down to our kitchen, turn on the coffee maker and then drink 32 ounces of water while I wait for the coffee to brew. I keep a metal water bottle on my desk that I will refill several times a day. I keep that bottle with me on Sundays because dry mouth is one of the ways my nerves come out when I’m preaching.

One of the things I like about my water bottle is how durable it is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped it or knocked it over. That boy is sturdy.

I just filled it up a few minutes ago and I noticed something interesting. I filled it with cold water and that has resulted in condensation. The outside of my water bottle is slick with water droplets. Whenever that happens I find myself wanting to take a drink because I know that the water inside the bottle will taste great.

Now, condensation is different from a leak. My water bottle isn’t leaking. The water on the inside is so cold that it’s actually showing up on the outside even though my water bottle is made of metal. That’s amazing to me.

I want to be like my water bottle. I’m a minister which means I’m constantly called on to leak out Jesus. When I preach, I’m leaking; when someone comes to my office to talk to me about God I’m leaking. Leaking is when you consciously decide to talk about Jesus. Leaking is premeditated. I don’t have anything against leaking Jesus. It’s really good and I hope you leak Jesus.

But condensation is different. It’s not leaking. It’s not premeditated. It means that what is inside of me is so strong it actually creates droplets on the outside of me. That’s what I want Jesus to do to me sometimes. I want to have people who don’t know that I’m a professional minister recognize that there is something different. I would love to have Jesus fill me in the morning like pure, cold, mountain water and have “Jesus condensation” happening on the outside of me all day long.

I can imagine what it would be like if every Christian had “Jesus condensation”. Everywhere you went you would notice those people. They would be the ones responding differently at places like the grocery store, or during the tense meeting at work, in traffic or at the little league game.

If we are like that then the people around us will begin to want what is inside of us. They may even ask you why you are the way you are. And when they do then it’s time to pour out Jesus and quench their thirst once and for all.