I am not what I would consider a “foodie” but I really like good food.

I’m such a fan of good food that when I find something I like I stick with it. And when I say I stick with it, I mean I order the same thing every time. My wife and I decline menus at our favorite places because it wastes time. I don’t think I’m being narrow, I think I’m demonstrating how much I like good food.

I’ve branched out a couple of times in the past and regretted it because what I ordered was not as good as my usual. I’ve realized it after just one bite and then have experienced little twinges of regret every mouthful for the rest of the meal. I like eating too much to experiment with a whole meal. If you want me to try something then you order it and give me a bite and then I can go back to my meal with a smile on my face.

But good food has two different meanings. There is good food that is good because it tastes good. And there is good food that’s good because it does good stuff for you once it goes down past your taste buds and goes to work in the deep darkness of the human body. Of course, the very best food does both. It tastes good at the beginning and then does great work once it’s inside of you. I have found myself becoming more careful with what I eat.

I think our souls work the same way as our bodies. Our souls eat. Every song you hear, every image you see, every movie, every conversation you have is like a bit of food for your soul. There is some spiritual food that is so bad you can taste the poison immediately. But some of it tastes really good and it’s not until sometime later you realize it’s made you sick.

I think there are a lot of spiritually sick people walking around nowadays. And I’m pretty sure it’s the diet they are eating.

I remember hearing a lecture about health. The doctor who was lecturing begged everyone there to eat an apple before one meal each day. He promised if we just did that we would get healthier. I had the chance to ask him later why he thought that would work. He said, “Once your body has something as good as an apple you have reduced the space for junk food. The goodness of the apple will actually help someone eat better or eat less or both”.

Every day I start my day sitting in the same chair with my same Bible and my same journal. I’m not a spiritual “foodie” but I do love good food. I may get some bad food later in the day but I start every day with goodness in hopes that it will reduce even my appetite for what makes my soul sick. I hope you do too.