There are a few clear-cut details about what heaven will be like for us. We know that heaven will be a community of believers (Rom. 6:23) who have received their inheritance (Mt. 25:34) and continually worship God (Rev. 19:5-7). Beyond these three points and a handful of other details that Scripture shares, there are still so many unanswered questions. For example, and possibly the most important of issues: Will there be bacon in heaven?

You’d think that something as remarkable as bacon will find its way into heaven, right? Scripture doesn’t say exactly whether or not we’ll enjoy a plate full of bacon while spending eternity together, but we wonder if God has maybe given us a small taste of what heaven will be like until we know for sure.

Take for example the five-day event, Camp Bacon, where you can perfect your bacon-making craft. “It’s pretty much heaven for hog lovers, and the fresh-cooked bacon almost never stops flowing,” says Huffington Post. Can you think of a better way to spend five days than being surrounded by a marvelous breakfast delicacy? That may be a great place to practice these heavenly bacon recipes – and we wonder if the name is just a coincidence?

If all this bacon talk has you drooling, but you don’t want to dedicate 2 hours of your morning to preparing said heavenly bacon, then read on to enjoy the next best thing.

All guys 18+ are invited to enjoy breakfast (with lots and LOTS of bacon, of course) this weekend at CCC Men’s Breakfast! While it’ll be fun to hang out with friends and meet some new guys, this is more than just a social gathering with surface conversations and a delicious breakfast. You’re going to hear our founding pastor’s story of transformation and discover what God thinks about manhood.

Invite your sons, brothers, uncles, dads, and friends. The chance to get together with all the men of CCC only comes around twice a year, so don’t miss it! Cost is $8 now or $10 at the door. The breakfast menu includes eggs, sausage, hash browns, waffles, scones and, naturally, lots and lots of bacon. Learn more and register here.