God created our eyes so that it should be hard to see ourselves.

We can see about half way down the front of our bodies. We can crane our necks to see a little of our back but we can’t see our own faces at all. And of course, that’s the part of ourselves we care about the most. We solved that problem with the invention of the mirror. In the absence of a mirror technology has provided us with the ability to reverse the normal direction of a camera and take a snapshot of ourselves. This has led to the increasingly popular phenomenon called the “selfie”. Kim Kardashian once took 6000 selfies during a 4-day vacation in Mexico.

The problem with selfies is that they don’t tell us how we should feel about ourselves. If they did, then no one would know how many selfies Kim Kardashian took on her trip. She needed to post them so that other people could tell her how she should feel about herself. It struck me how desperately we need each other. Everyone you come in contact with today is wondering how they should be feeling about themselves. In one way or another they are asking you to tell them.

When my daughters were little girls I would try to tell them how much I loved them. Sometimes I would say, “I love you to the moon”. I figured that they would be going through their day wondering how they should feel about themselves and while there were others who would certainly have an opinion, I wanted them to know mine. I wanted to put it in outrageous language in the hope that they would understand that the love their dad had for them was excessive. If they felt enough love, then maybe they would be able to love someone who needed love that day. It was my way of packing them a bigger lunch than they could eat.

As a church we have been studying the book of Ephesians. In one part, Paul prays that we would be able to “comprehend how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ”.

That’s God’s way of telling us that he loves us to the moon. My guess is that God knows you would be going through your day wondering how you should feel about you. He wanted to give you some excess love so that when you meet someone who needs some love, you would have some to give. Christians should always have the biggest lunches in the whole lunchroom.