If you’re an entrepreneur, then you will know that it takes a lot to start and manage your own business. Much like being successful at anything else, it also takes a lot of failing to know how to do things the right way. So why does it seem that some people succeed more quickly, or hit less speedbumps than others who business owners? Our team of business experts believes that the secret to continuing to grow yourself and your business has been inside you all along.

Keep Asking Why

Have you ever been around a child when they started asking why something is the way it is? Why is the sky blue? Why can’t we have hotdogs for breakfast? Why can we only adopt one puppy and not a hundred of them? Why Kids Ask Why shares that scientists have studied this characteristic to find that these curious chatterers actually want to know why the world around them works the way it does. Thank goodness they have someone to help answer their questions and guide them through life!

When you started your business, you likely were not much different. Whether you went to Google or a friend for help, you began asking questions and taking in as much knowledge as you could about your new industry. But being able to find answers on your own and learning from mistakes only gets you so far. Not only that, but something funny happens over time and business owners tend to stop asking those questions after a while. Once an entrepreneur forgets how to ask questions, they may find that they are stuck in knowing what to do next or why it is they don’t see growth. Have you stopped asking why?

The secret to growth is the same whether it’s your faith, your marriage, your finances, or your place as a business owner. The secret is knowing to ask questions, particularly to those you can trust to provide you with insight that is tried and true. If you’re beginning, currently in the midst of, or considering your transition out of life as an entrepreneur, we want to provide you with a safe place among trusted names to ask your questions so we have partnered with local business experts to form the Business Advisory Group.

Have Someone to Ask

Whether you have just started your business, are looking for management advice, are planning for succession, or fall anywhere in between, come to our Business Advisory Group Forum on Oct. 30 where you can meet our team of expert business coaches and ask your questions. The Business Advisory Group, which was formed to counsel and educate business owners from a Christian perspective, is comprised of successful business leaders with expertise in banking, finance, marketing, consumer products, accounting, human relations, insurance, manufacturing, and operations. The Business Advisory Group consists of the following team:

  • Joe  Campanella – Former Bank President, Director, Consultant
  • Ray Dalton – Founder/CEO Dalton Foundation and reLink Medical
  • Chuck Farro – CEO Marsh & McClennan, Insurance Exec
  • Chris Gurreri – CEO Victory Innovations
  • Jack Lieske – CEO Cleveland Electric Labs
  • Pete McQuillen – Director of Stewardship Christ Community Chapel
  • Ron Ocasek – Former CFO, CPA
  • Ed Sabo – Former VP, Sales Tech Executive
  • Frank Zammataro – Former President/Chairman GCCS Foundation
  • Ben Ammons – Former President Firestone Diversified Products Companies, Senior VP

These business leaders have recognized a calling to volunteer their time to offer free business counseling to business owners and entrepreneurs in our CCC family and beyond. Not available to attend the forum on Oct. 30? The Business Advisory Group will be available for you moving forward. Just email [email protected] to get paired with one of these coaches and set up a private meeting.

Want some inspiration for asking questions?