Women’s Fall Retreat Recap

The ladies of CCC recently got together for an overnight retreat in the serene hills of Mohican State Park. The goal of the getaway was learning how to apply spiritual disciplines to daily life and enjoying community with other women. Here’s a look at how our ladies spent their time together, followed by a short interview with one of the women who visited Mohican for the retreat.

The retreat was headlined by main speaker, Val O’Brien, who helped to walk listeners through the three spiritual disciplines of reading the Word of God, praying to God, and doing life in community with the people of God. Alongside these practical lessons was a time of worship. While the trip consisted of intentionally learning about God and living daily with him and his people, the trip had plenty of time to just rest and get to know other women.

There were all sorts of challenges and activities interwoven into the time away. Here are a few examples:

  • It’s important to let your mind rest when spending time away. The retreat was kicked-off by a session of creative lettering led by Hannah Thompson.
  • A visit to Mohican, surrounded by the beautiful outdoors, wouldn’t be complete without a hike. Everyone was encouraged to take time with just them and God for a 1.5-hour session as they prayed, reflected on prompts from the Ephesians Together Personal Study Book, or read Scripture.
  • Time was taken Saturday for an exciting scavenger hunt (that may or may not have turned a little competitive, haha!), where team photos were taken around the Mohican Lodge, including the lobby, the pool, and the elevator!

mohican women's retreat 2

One Woman’s Take on the Retreat

There is much more to share but to help get more context we reached out to Emily, who was able to join the ladies on the trip to Mohican. Here’s what she had to say:

What was your favorite part of the retreat?
It is hard for me to pick my favorite part! I truly enjoyed all of it. The practical and encouraging teaching inspired me. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with other women-both those I already knew and new women I was able to meet. And, I also very much appreciated the time devoted to intentional, individual prayer and reflection. As a busy mom, it can be challenging to carve out that type of sustained, personal quality time with the Lord. It was very refreshing.

Who should go to the retreats and what should they expect?
Any woman who is craving some time to reconnect and be refreshed in her faith should go.

Why should women make it a priority to go to the next one?
It’s easy to get “busy” in life. It is important to occasionally take the time to let go of the busyness and refocus on your relationship with God and to celebrate the gift of fellowship he has provided.

Is there something you learned or will be “taking away” from your experience?
The time away reinvigorated my prayer life after learning more about prayer during the retreat.

—Emily Schepens

CCC recognizes the need to serve women from all walks of life, no matter what they’re going through. From regular studies and mentoring to weekends away focusing on God, we hope to connect women with God and with each other. Come to connect with God and a fantastic community of women at CCC. Learn more about the Women’s Ministry at CCC.