I was in a hotel and walking past an elevator just as the door was closing.

A middle-aged man was alone in the elevator. When I say he was middle-aged I really mean he was way past his prime. He was wearing a suit that didn’t fit him particularly well. It may have fit when he bought it but that was probably a while ago. Anyway, just as I passed by, I saw him catch his reflection in the mirror inside the hotel elevator. He turned to look at himself and he smoothed out the hair that was working overtime to cover the square inches it was responsible for. As the door closed the thought hit me: it really doesn’t matter how you look. You always want to be the best you. The man in the elevator was never going to be mistaken for Bradley Cooper. He wasn’t going to turn any heads when he walked into the room, but he still turned, faced the mirror and smoothed out his hair to do the best with what he had left.

I’m no different. You probably aren’t either. You might not have movie star good looks, but you still want to be the best you.

It matters what people think of us. And when I say it matters what people think of us I mean that what people think of us is what we end up thinking about ourselves. If what I think of myself is like a ladder, I struggle with everything I have to reach the highest rung I can possibly reach. It may not be that high but I want to be the highest I can be.

One of the things I love about Jesus is that he sees two things when he looks at me. He sees the guy who turns and looks in a mirror and tries to correct the most obvious issues in the desperate hope to be the best me. But Jesus also sees the me I want to be and the me he made me to be. Grace is something completely undeserved. Grace is Jesus reaching down and grabbing my hand and hoisting me up to be with him. That single movement makes me the best I can possibly be.

The next time you find yourself alone in one of those elevators with a mirror on one wall go ahead and smooth out your hair but gives thanks to Jesus that he has given you enough grace to make you beautiful.