What does it mean to belong?

We’re all looking for somewhere we can “belong.” But what if you no longer feel like you fit in or haven’t yet found your place? God knew that we’d always be looking for somewhere to belong, and the Bible isn’t silent on the matter. All middle and high school students were invited to two days of hanging out with friends, enjoying Skyview Ranch, and learning what it means to belong to God and a community of people that follow him.

Here are what a few students thought about their time away at the retreat:

What have you loved about Porch this year? Anything specific you’re learning?

“I love the atmosphere at Porch. It’s like one big family.” – Trinity

“Meeting new people. I am never too broken for Jesus!” – Gaelyn

What did you learn about community on the Belong retreat? (or through Porch in general)

“We all have something to offer to the kingdom. We all must also represent God well.” – Jonathan

“I have learned in Porch that everyone struggles in their walk with God, that creates a Christian community.” – Devin

What Porch-related things are you looking forward to as the year goes on?

“ThanksMas, Founders Week, and hanging out with friends.” – Trinity

“I am looking forward to all students in Porch growing more into our family so we can continue to grow together in Christ. [And that] students begin opening up more and more each time they come to Porch and grow more comfortable as the year goes on.” – Gaelyn

More About Porch High School Ministry

There is a lot that happens during our high school years, and these can be some of the most formative years of our lives. Our hope is that our high school students have a safe and fun place to explore their faith and meet other students. Through weekly larger gatherings and smaller discipleship groups, Porch points students in 9th-12th grade toward Jesus and connects them with other people their own age. Follow Porch on Instagram and visit their web page to learn more, High School Ministry.

More About Edge’s Middle School Ministry

At Edge, we know that middle school brings with it lots of questions and big decisions. We want to help you figure all that out. The good news is, someone’s identity is never in question with Jesus – we always fit in. To learn more about what means, we’ve got weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings as well as small groups on the first and third Sunday of every month during the school year. Follow Edge on Instagram and visit their webpage to learn more, Middle School Ministry.

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