I’m a little sick today.

I’ve never been big sick, so I can’t and won’t write about whether a big sick can be a gift. The difference between big sick and little sick may be in the mind of the patient. I know some people who don’t know the difference. You probably know some too. Now, there are some people who are so tough that a big sick hardly makes a dent. I think my wife may be like that. Then, there are other people who get a touch of the flu and act like they have contracted malaria.

I like to think of myself as somewhere in between the two extremes. Or, as I like to think of it…being just about in the range of perfect. Although, the fact that I’m telling you that I’m sick may move me out of the zone that I think I’m in. But now that the cat is out of the bag, let’s talk about me.

Today I’m a little sick and it has made me thankful. I think being a little sick is a great gift. It reminds me that God has made my body to heal itself of most things. That in itself is simply incredible.

If I ever created a world with creatures who were actually alive it would never cross my mind to make them self-healing. I would have congratulated myself on being brilliant enough to make something that could actually live and breathe and for being loving enough to do it at all. My poor little creatures would twist an ankle or break a finger and I would just shout down to them, “Suck it up. You’re alive. Be happy.” I think we can all be thankful now that I’m not God.

The fact that the true God makes us so that cuts heal, bones mend, and anti-bodies attack infection is just grace upon grace.

Being a little sick also reminds me of how healthy I am most of the time. I take so much for granted that it is probably mind-boggling to God. I can literally go hundreds of days in a row feeling healthy and it will not strike me as being wonderful. Give me 3 days of being a little sick and the tiny part of my brain that controls gratitude is alert and ready for the morning when I’ll wake up and my head is clear and my body free of pain.

Here in Ohio we are entering the season where there’s a lot of little sick going around. It makes sense that it comes at Christmas time. Every little sick is a gift if you look at it right. Let it remind you that God cares even about your runny nose because it will eventually return to normal and there’s nothing normal about normal. It’s amazing.