As told by CCC member Holly Lang:

2017 was the most challenging year of my life. I was going through a heartbreaking divorce that I did not want, with four children who were all under the age of 10. I felt isolated, depressed, hopeless, unsettled, and unwanted. The end of my marriage at times felt like a death sentence.

Although I grew up in a United Church of Christ, and my children attend a small Catholic school, we hadn’t been going to church regularly, and God certainly wasn’t at the center of our lives. I had three very dear friends who are CCC members encourage me to take the Divorce Care class and also come with them to a service here at CCC.

My first time at a service here was January of 2018, in which the theme for the year Transformed in 2018 was announced. This theme was a real gift from God to myself and my children. After that, I didn’t miss a week of church. Every week’s message spoke directly to my heart and was so relevant to where I was at in my life, and how I needed to change. With the help of the fantastic children’s programs here, my own children began to transform into followers of Jesus also.

I began the Divorce Care class in the fall of 2018. The course covered every thinkable topic related to divorce, and there were many “ah-ha” moments and “yes I felt that same way” moments. There were faith-based guidance and answers to many of the questions I still had that were unanswered. I wish I had taken the class sooner.

I found so much support and encouragement from the group leaders and other classmates who have gone or are going through a divorce. It was a safe, honest, and loving environment. I have made authentic friends and mentors in the class. I don’t feel alone, unwanted, or broken any longer. I know God’s love is all I need, and he has a plan for my children and me. The Divorce Care class was a huge part of the healing process for me.

My divorce actually made Jesus famous in the life of my children and I. Out of one of the worst situations I could imagine, came one of the greatest gifts my children and I could receive, a real relationship where we know Jesus and are growing with him, and a community of other believers who care about us. Christ Community Chapel and the Divorce Care program truly changed the course of our 2018.

If you are contemplating divorce, are in the middle of a divorce, or have finished your divorce process, I encourage you to attend the Divorce Care class. Do not be afraid. You will find hope and healing, which is good news for me.

// Holly Lang

For those who are divorced, in the midst of a divorce, or separated couples contemplating divorce, this group will help you face the challenges of divorce and move toward restoration. For more info, visit our care page or contact [email protected].