In this interview with Dan Gregory, Director of Restore Addiction Recovery, he shares what’s driving him and his team to make this Christ-centered recovery facility a reality, gives us updates on how things are progressing with the program and the property, and provides info on how you can get involved in this mission to fight the opioid crisis in Summit County.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us about the mission of Restore Addiction Recovery?

Restore Addiction Recovery began with a parent who became inspired and others who felt called to respond to the growing substance abuse crisis affecting Summit and other surrounding counties in Ohio. The vision of Restore Addiction Recovery is to bring real change that lasts to those struggling with life-altering drug and alcohol addiction. In 2017, there were more than 72,000 drug-related deaths and another 88,000 alcohol-related deaths in the United States. These numbers are staggering, and sadly don’t even address the impact addiction is having on families, children, our legal system, and our economy. Restore Addiction Recovery is developing a long-term treatment and recovery program that is Christ-centered, biblically based, and clinically supported to transform the lives of those struggling with addiction, their families, and our community.

And how can someone learn more about the problem that you’re combating, the Restore Addiction Recovery program, and any progress to date?

Other organizations are doing some great work to bring this issue to the forefront. Also, a recent documentary was produced right here in Ohio called “Not in Vein,” which exposes many of the problems around the drug epidemic we are experiencing and the crippling impact it is having on our society. You can learn more by watching the documentary, but my caution is the graphic nature of the content. Be sure to watch this documentary with discretion. The best way to stay up to date on Restore Addiction Recovery is to visit our website at Here, you can learn more about our program, our vision, and our progress. I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for the latest news and updates on our progress. It will be an exciting year for Restore Addiction Recovery!

Watch the Restore Addiction Recovery 2019 Update Video from our Micah 6:8 Weekend:

What are one or two unique aspects of Restore Addiction Recovery when you look at your program compared to other similar programs?

First and foremost, we want to lead with the gospel. You will hear us repeatedly say that Restore Addiction Recovery is “Christ-centered, biblically based, and clinically supported.” This mantra holds tremendous meaning for us. We believe real, lasting transformation is centered exclusively around the personal work of Jesus Christ in the lives of those who seek him. We also think that the Bible provides the understanding and pathway to knowing God and living the way we are designed to live. With the guidance of licensed Christian counselors, our goal is to help people live the life God always intended for them.

Secondly, we believe that in order to foster change that lasts a lifetime, a more extended program is required to teach basic life skills needed for daily functioning. A program that extends over time will provide time for the body and brain to begin to heal and to apply new thinking and behavior patterns necessary for lasting transformation. Our 12-month ministry places men in real-life situations while still surrounding them with others who care about them and encourage them in their journey. Additionally, when they complete the ministry, we will have identified where they will work, live, and a specific church they can attend in order to provide the ongoing support necessary that we all need in our lives.

You recently shared more of the Restore Addiction Recovery story at a Micah 6:8 weekend. Do you have either a story from that weekend or update since then that you’d like to share with those following your journey?

It is humbling to watch God work through the lives of so many people. We were wonderfully bombarded by individuals who want to help cook, teach, mentor, etc. It is also sobering to hear the stories from so many impacted by this crisis. Someone connected with me who had lost both of his parents to addiction and simply said, “I will help in any way, even to just sweep the floors.” This ministry is very emotional to many, and we feel blessed by the response from Christ Community Chapel, as well as many other churches that want to be a part of Restore Addiction Recovery.

And of course, if someone is reading this wants to get involved, what ways can they get involved and what’s the best next step to get plugged in?

Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know how you would like to be involved. We keep a detailed list of everyone who reaches out to us, and as we have needs that align with someone’s skill sets, we reach out to connect. I would also make sure you sign up for our email updates which you can do on our website at

See the future building layout and design as you walk through a 3D virtual tour:

Hear Jon’s story from addiction to restoration in Christ: