By 2050, we are praying and dreaming for 60 new gospel-preaching churches in Northeast Ohio. If that happens, every community in NEO will have a church that holds out the good news of Jesus in ways that make sense to that specific neighborhood.

Here are three reasons to go all in with church planting.

1. The model of the early church.

At the end of Matthew 28, Jesus gives the huge job to 11 of his followers to go and make disciples of all nations. They knew exactly what they needed to do, but Jesus did not say how to do it. However, as you go through the New Testament, the “how to” answer is clear: plant and strengthen local churches. The book of Acts describes this from Jerusalem to Antioch to Lystra and others. Many of the New Testament books are letters to local churches in Philippi, Corinth, Rome, Ephesus, Thessalonica, and Colossae. From the beginning, the way to fulfill the great commission of Jesus is through the local church. Always.

2. The problem of this church.

Maybe it is hard to see, but CCC has a problem: Our reach is limited. It is true of our church and every church. Even though there are several thousand people a part of this church, that is only a small fraction of Northeast Ohio people. There are thousands of people who are simply too far away, and we cannot reach them. It would be foolish, and even prideful, to assume we can reach anyone and everyone in Northeast Ohio while we preside in only Hudson.

3. The potential of every church.

You never know what God has in store. You never know what God could do in the local church for the sake of his kingdom. There is potential in every single gospel-preaching church to grow and be used by God on a large scale. As a church plant in 1981, Hudson Community Chapel (now CCC) started with 39 people. Another large church in the area, The Chapel, started with 40-50 people in 1934 and now has over several thousand people. Similarly, House of the Lord in Akron started with 5 people in 1974 and now has over one thousand people. And finally, Redemption Chapel (formerly our Stow campus) started out with 70 people and now has nearly 1,000 or more people. How cool would it be if one of the 60 churches we help plant could eventually plant churches too? Think of the impact! You just never know what God might do.

So, have we convinced you of the importance of church planting? Join us in praying for the teams God brings to CCC to help accomplish this mission!