This September, CCC is starting brand-new Community Groups as we go through Ephesians Together. You may be thinking about joining one yourself or maybe you have somebody asking you to consider it. With house projects to take care of, the Browns to watch, your kids to drive around, and workouts to squeeze in at the gym, is being a part of a Community Group really worth it?

Here are 5 reasons from Pastor Mike Holwerda on why Community Groups are (not) worth it:

  1. Life is a piece-of-cake for you. A common trend of Community Groups is to support and love each other during hard times. But for you, when you think about your job, your marriage, your family, your friends, or your kids, you realize you don’t have hard times. Life is a piece-of-cake and you don’t get what other people are whining and complaining about. If that’s you, being a part of a Community Group and other people’s problems will only bring you down.
  2. You don’t really like snacks. In a sentence, you eat really well in Community Groups. You’ll be sharing meals, home-baked treats, and other goodies. If that’s not your thing, I’d pass on joining a group.
  3. You already know it all. Community Groups are jam-packed with digging into God’s Word and time is intentionally spent studying, processing, and applying Scripture as you learn from one another. But if you already have all of the answers, you’re just going to be bored and, to be frank, somewhat annoyed with others trying to figure it out. I wouldn’t join a group if this describes you.
  4. You think in-person relationships are over-rated. In Community Groups, you’ll develop meaningful relationships with real people in similar walks of life as you. But maybe you’ve realized this isn’t important because you have an active following on social media and everyone really likes your posts. Face-to-face relationships? Isn’t that what Instagram Stories is for? Get with the times, people! It’s not worth it to actually meet up with people. DM if you need anything.
  5. You’re done growing and changing spiritually. Let’s be honest. There are mornings you wake up, look in the mirror, and think, “Do I even have room to grow anymore? Not really!” This whole idea of being Transformed in 2018 is just silly because you’ve been completely transformed for a while now. If this sounds like you, I’d do a hard-pass on Community Groups.

There you have it. The more I think about it, the more I realize Community Groups probably are (not) worth it. Maybe you’ll find something else to do this fall.