Welcome to the CCC Book Club Page!

You have questions but aren’t sure where to find the answers. You’re ready to start growing in your faith but can’t find a study that fits your busy schedule. The CCC Book Club is for you.

As we navigate through five fascinating books, we will occasionally meet via Zoom or in person to reflect on our individual interpretations and grow in our faith. With a little time, reading, and commitment, you might be surprised by what the Lord can accomplish in your life!

We will send you a link each month to purchase the book and sign up for a time to discuss it. You can read all of the books or choose your favorite ones!


Holy Sexuality and the Gospel by Christopher Yuan
Why read it? We live in a sexually confused and broken world. We will find gospel clarity and hope to some of the bigger questions asked today.


Surprised by Doubt by Joshua Chatraw and Jack Carson
Why read it? You have questions about God and Christianity that you can’t shake. Or, you have been asked questions you can’t answer. This book reminds you that you’re not alone. Take the time to wrestle with these questions and even be surprised by the answers.


Digital Liturgies by Samuel D. James
Why read it? Are you on social media often? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time in front of a screen? Learn a fresh, gospel perspective on social media and new rhythms of engaging it.


How the Nations Rage by Jonathan Leeman
Why read it? It’s time to have honest conversations about politics. How do we connect our Christian faith with American politics? What can we learn from the past, and how can we move forward in the future?


Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung
Why read it? We often wonder about the path God wants us to walk on. Discover a liberating approach to finding God’s will, starting right now.