Financial Ministry Resources

We can help. We want everyone to give generously, save regularly, live debt-free, and understand God’s perspective on money and possessions. But we know it is not always easy.

Check out these budgeting tools, Q&As, debt calculators, and more. Do you still need help? Talk to someone about our one-on-one coaching sessions. Email [email protected]. Special thanks to Gateway Church and David Thompson for their help with these Financial Resources.

How Do I Make a Budget

  1. Determine your current income and spending:
    • Track your income and spending by category for the next 30 days using this form.
      • Also review the past 30 days from your operating accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.).
    • As you add expenses to the form, it will automatically add up the category totals.
    • Watch this video on how to track your expenses.
  2. Create your budget:
  3. Live the Budget:

We track expenses because you need to see where your money goes to create a realistic budget for your life. Once you've tracked 30 days of spending, it will reveal where you overspend and items you might have forgotten (gifts, haircuts, car maintenance). Most budgets fall apart because the plan didn’t include all the expenses (so Christmas and car repairs dismantle the plan). After creating your budget and comparing your spending to the guideline, you can choose where the money will go next month. This is when the Yearly Budget Tool tracks your monthly spending and tells you what you have leftover in each category while you spend.

You may also enjoy using the Envelope System to track categories. Blessings on your budgeting journey!

Debt Snowball Intro

  1. Make a list of all your debts and include:
    • Total amount (balance) you owe.
    • Minimum monthly payment.
    • Annual percentage rate (APR) of interest.
  2. Download the Debt Pay-Off Plan.
  3. Watch this video to learn how to create your own debt repayment plan.

We generally recommend you use the Debt Snowball Method to pay off your debts. It provides quick wins as you pay off small debts first and see the effect quickly.

Guide to Investing

Investing can seem complicated, so we've created a step-by-step guide to help you get started!

  1. I Want Something Quick and Easy
  2. I'm Willing to Dig Deeper
  3. Coming soon!
  4. How to Choose/Find a Financial Advisor

Credit Report

When you can’t make your minimum debt payments, you need to over-communicate with your creditors to let them know your situation. These forms will help you communicate and repair any credit errors.

Financial Roadmap

The Financial Roadmap is a basic outline for your financial journey. Remember, every journey is different, and you are called to hear from the Lord and obey His plan for your life. This roadmap gives you vision and goals that align with biblical principles, so make room to hear from the Lord.

Gift Planning Tool

Use this tool to plan for a birthday, Christmas, and other gifts you would buy for family and friends.

Download Tool

Net Worth Calculator

This tool helps provide a snapshot of your current finances.

Download tool

Loss of a Loved One

This guide has three steps regarding financial matters after the loss of a loved one:

  1. Immediate actions
  2. Actions after a death certificate arrives
  3. Actions four to six weeks after the loss

Download guide

Dating, Engaged, and Newly Married Financial Guide

Couples need unity and shared vision for their finances to avoid money fights.

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