Racial Awareness Resources

We have compiled this list of resources to provide an opportunity for our church to increase its understanding and awareness of race in America from a Christian perspective. These resources will stretch, teach, and help you understand race in a deeper way—you may even find that you do not agree with every word, and that is okay. Part of what we hope comes from these resources is more meaningful conversations. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.



For You
For Your Kids


Have a Conversation

The issue of race can be hard to process on your own – and we are here to help! CCC has a team of 13 people known as the RQ Team (RQ stands for Racial Intelligence) filled with elders, staff, and members. We are here to help you process and connect the dots from Jesus to the issues of race today. Let us know you want to talk by filling out the Let’s Talk RQ form.