CCC Financials

Can CCC members view audited financial statements that provide information about how our contributions are used?

Yes. Members with questions about financial statements or audits can contact [email protected].

Did CCC tithe money ever get used for World Harvest expenses including legal fees for Toto and Jake?

Zero dollars of congregational support were used for World Harvest expenses including legal fees for the accused.

How did CCC account for World Harvest funds?

CCC accepted the World Harvest funds as an unrestricted gift in September 2014. The money was separately accounted for and was used for Tom Randall’s continued ministry and work around the world. An independent audit is underway to verify our accounting of these funds.

When will the independent audit of World Harvest’s funds be shared?

We hope to have the audit completed as soon as reasonably possible.

Is Tom Randall’s new 501(c)(3) attached to CCC and should I support it?

Tom Randall’s new ministry is not connected to, supported, or endorsed by CCC.

In the financial area, what does CCC do in regards to accountability and transparency?

Accountability and transparency are very important at CCC. We are stewards of God’s resources. The CCC financial records and statements are audited annually by an independent accounting firm. That report is presented to the elders for their review. This report is available for any member to view at the church offices by setting up a meeting with Rick Schuping. In addition, CCC publishes an annual summary of giving and expenses. Download the most recent summary.

Pastor Joe’s Role

What is Pastor Joe’s role in the ongoing review of matters related to the Sankey event?

As he has stated in both services and member meetings, Joe is turning the leadership of our continuing evaluation of the Sankey events over to the Elders, with Stacey DiNardo directing communications on their behalf.

Why did Pastor Joe continue to defend Tom Randall and continue to cast doubt on the allegations?

The investigation revealed Tom Randall gave incomplete and inaccurate information to CCC regarding events at the Sankey orphanage. In hindsight, all allegations should have been taken seriously, which is why we are now pursuing a path of reconciliation.

The Ongoing Evaluation

How will I receive updates on progress or developments going forward?

We will continue to provide information to CCC members regarding our progress by updating the FAQs posted on our web site.

What is the best way for me to ask questions not answered by the FAQ?

Please send any questions at our new email address [email protected]. We will add FAQs to address any new questions that come in.

Will there be another investigation into the Sankey matter?

The Elders have thoroughly discussed this topic and have chosen to take intentional steps toward healing and reconciliation. Information and documentation related to this situation, including our own report, has now been turned over to the FBI. As such, any new investigation would be most appropriately initiated by them. The Elders will await any findings from the FBI to determine if other steps should be taken.

Why was Tom Randall not held accountable by CCC leadership? What is his role with CCC now?

As is noted in the Sankey report, Tom Randall was found to have committed a clear violation of pastoral ethics. His immediate resignation was therefore required and accepted by the Elders of CCC on June 3, 2019. CCC no longer has a relationship with him and any activities he undertakes are of his own accord.

Moving Forward

What are the objectives and related tasks for the Elders to move CCC ahead?

The Elders and Stacey DiNardo are leading efforts to address four important objectives, including the following:

We are working diligently to reconcile with all involved, including the Mauk family who first reported the abuse, the Advocates who fought to be heard and most importantly the abused.  We have sought out a Christian Conciliation Company to support our efforts in this area. Our Hearts are for deep, true full reconciliation and as such our expert has told us it could take many months so please be patient with us as we work through this process.

We are reaching out to several advocacy organizations in the Philippines including Compassion International and International Justice Mission to see how we can best support or help the victims of this abuse.  We realize that to accept help in this area Trust has to be established, which is why we are looking to professionals to support these victims versus trying to do it ourselves.

We are having our Independent Auditors reviewing our accounting of the World Harvest funds to show inflows, outflows, and gains due to investments.  Once this is complete, we will be evaluating the best ways to disburse these funds to serve God’s Kingdom.

We are updating the protocols and applications used to evaluate the mission organizations we support.  We are also looking into joining a network that helps with safety and protection of children. Paul Wides, our Global Outreach Pastor, has already contacted 8-10 large churches and organizations to benchmark our processes versus theirs.  And lastly, a team from our staff will be attending a National Conference on Child Safety and response to abuse in October.

What are CCC’s next steps with the young adults that experienced abuse at Sankey?

CCC is in the process of reaching out to these young adults in the Philippines in order to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. We are also in discussions with outside groups who deal specifically with these types of issues to assist CCC in determining the best ways to provide help and support going forward.

What is CCC’s response to those who have been advocating for five years?

CCC is grateful for those who have steadfastly advocated for justice in this matter, and desires to pursue reconciliation and repair relationships that have been broken. We will act with intentionality to promote healing for all involved.

What protocol and accountability is being put in place to ensure nothing like this happens again?

The Elders are reviewing all procedures to determine where appropriate changes need to be made to promote accountability and transparency. CCC is in the process of developing improved protocols for evaluating partner ministries, especially those that work primarily with children, in order to ensure that proper child safety and protection procedures are in place. Additionally, from a giving point of view, CCC undergoes a yearly third-party financial audit in order to ensure complete financial propriety and compliance with IRS rules and regulations for non-profits.