We are inviting you to reimagine life because of Jesus.

Christ Community Chapel in May
We all have a sense of how the world ought to be, yet that is not the experience most of us have.

All of us are trying to live the good life, but the promises of fulfillment always seem to be out of reach.

It is possible to move from the status quo to a life of purpose because of Jesus.

We are here to help.

We are here to help you move from dissatisfaction to the fulfillment and hope that only Jesus can provide.

Congregation worshiping in West Service
At CCC, we see that this world is not how it ought to be.

It seems like we are all striving for something more, only to find that it is still not enough. This endless pursuit of the good life, with its shifting targets and ever-changing expectations, is exhausting. We believe there is a better solution, and we believe the solution is Jesus. He offers us the opportunity to reimagine our lives because of him and find rest from the status quo.