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Know Jesus

Jesus has a lot of different reputations: teacher, savior, nice guy and lunatic. At CCC, we want to offer you a safe place to come to know who Jesus truly is through Sunday messages, bible studies, community groups and more. He’s not one-dimensional and by learning through hearing, study and others, we pray you’ll come to meet him personally.

Grow In Him

Growing to be more like Jesus is achieved in practice, just like your muscles develop with exercise. God is living and active and growing in him is a life-long priority for Christians. We want to help you answer the hard questions (that you are free to ask here!), look deeper and turn the gem of God’s word to filter his truth to us through different lenses to really know and grow with him.

Serve Him Daily

Serving is faith in action. It allows us to experience God together and increases our faith. How? It’s a front seat to not only watch, but be a part of God changing people’s lives. In fact, you were created for service. God has given you specific gifts and a valuable role to play in focusing on and caring for others. You’ll be drawn to very heart of God.

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