Ability Inclusion

All people are valued as full participants in the life of our church.

Value All People

Individuals with disabilities and impairments are an essential part of our church, deserving the accommodations they need to thrive.

People of all abilities are welcome and wanted to join us in reimagining life because of Jesus. At CCC, our staff and volunteers have created an environment and culture that allows you to be yourself. If you have any questions or would like to talk, please email [email protected].

Everyone has a next step. Ready to take yours?

1. Connect with our Ability Inclusion team member.
2. Preregister your kids.

We include individuals with disabilities in our general programming and services while providing appropriate accommodations where needed. Also, we are serious about safety. All of our staff and volunteers require background checks, and the staff are CPR trained. Beyond helping during services and events, many from our team enjoy building relationships with these families for extra support.