High School

High school can sometimes feel like it is full of pressure and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if your high school experience could be more? We believe high school can be the best years of your life when they are lived with Jesus and in community.

Live Life
To The Fullest.

The relationships you make during high school can significantly shape how you handle the pressure that comes with being a teenager. We want to see you experience life as it was meant to be, and we believe Jesus is the key to that. At CCC High School, we exist to help students find relationships, purpose, and identity in Jesus that lead to a fulfilling life.

Everyone has a next step. Ready to take yours?

There are so many voices telling you what to do and who to be. Finding space to sort through the noise can be a challenge. As you explore the answers to the big questions in life, it is essential to have a safe and fun space with people who genuinely care about you. We want to point you to consider Jesus and his surprising answers to those big life questions.