Being a parent means you want the very best for your children in their faith, relationships, and future.

Surrounding your kids with great role models in a fun, safe, and educational place will pave the way for success.

Children are always observing the world around them, imitating the values and behaviors that they see. At CCC, our leaders provide engaging, interactive learning experiences that will allow your child to reimagine childhood because of Jesus.

Everyone has a next step. Ready to take yours?

1. Come to an event.
2. Connect with a staff member.

Children and individuals with disabilities are an essential part of our church, deserving the accommodations they need to thrive. We include individuals with disabilities and impairments in our general programming and services while providing appropriate accommodations where needed.

If you have ever heard your child repeat something you say, in just the way you say it, you realize how closely kids are paying attention. The people they spend time with and their experiences as young children will shape their impressions of the world and themselves. Jesus offers a view of the world that is both realistic and filled with grace. At CCC, we want to come alongside your children to help them see Jesus and reimagine their lives because of him.