Door 2 Art Studio

All creatives need a place where they can express themselves and feel known.

Get creative.

Maybe you are not ready to call yourself an “artist” because you do not think you are there yet. No matter what label you use, creatives without a community of supportive artists and access to supplies will struggle to find a place to create and flourish.

Everyone can get involved. Join us!

1. Check out our work.
2. Join us at an event or Open Studio.

At Door 2 Art Studio, we are a group of experienced artists here to support you creatively, individually, and in any way we can. Our studio is a place that is free from expectations. We know what it is like to feel like you do not belong, and we want you to be comfortable here. No matter where you are in life or what your battles or triumphs may be, we want D2 to be a safe place for you. Everyone from art appreciators to professionals are welcome—there are no requirements. You may just discover that you are ready to be creative and try new things!