Middle School

Middle school is a time of change and transition for kids that can be difficult to navigate.

Without a network of support, the pressures can be overwhelming, and the consequences heartbreaking.

Helping your middle schoolers connect to a place where they feel loved, accepted, and wanted is essential to see them survive and thrive during these difficult years.

We want to come alongside you to guide your children through these tumultuous years, encouraging them to consider Jesus as the one with the answers that lead to hope.

Everyone has a next step. Ready to take yours?

1. Come to an event.
2. Connect with a staff member.
3. Come to our weekly gathering.

Anyone who has ever lived through middle school knows how hard these three years can be. Navigating friendships, homework, siblings, and parents can make middle school challenging! Adding to the stressors today are bullying, anxiety, and intense questions surrounding identity. Having a network of people around you, encouraging your children, and helping them find the answers to their hard questions is essential. We want to help your student reimagine life and middle school because of Jesus.