Middle School

Middle school can be a difficult time to find where you fit in, but it doesn’t have to be.

What if your time in middle school could tell a different story? We believe that middle school is one of the best times to begin discovering who Jesus is and who he made you to be.

Find A Place
You Truly Belong.

At CCC Middle School, you will find a place where you truly belong. Come meet some new friends and have an unforgettable experience as you discover who Jesus is and who he made you to be.

Everyone has a next step. Ready to take yours?

1. Check out an event.
3. Connect with a group.

Anyone who has ever lived through middle school knows how hard these three years can be. Navigating friendships, homework, siblings, and parents can make middle school challenging! Adding to the stressors today are bullying, anxiety, and intense questions surrounding identity. Having a network of people around you, encouraging your children, and helping them find the answers to their hard questions is essential. We want to help your student reimagine life and middle school because of Jesus.