2000 years later and the story of Christ is still reaching new people. The Good News hasn’t survived this long by being kept a secret. It has been shared little by little from one person to the next. We’re often told to share the gospel with others, but it isn’t always that easy of a thing to do, is it? Here are three reasons to not share Christ with others, followed by reasons why we really should just do it anyway:

1. We don’t have all of the answers: 

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what Scripture is trying to teach us. And to share Christ with others, we have this underlying fear that we may get caught unsure how to respond to certain questions. “Do I know enough? Would I be able to answer their questions or are things going to get weird?” With how embarrassing it could be to not know the answers, maybe it’s better to not share Christ.

But we should share anyway: There are times that we miss great opportunities altogether because we’re afraid to take the first step. The truth is we might not have all of the answers, but we likely know exactly what they need to hear and we’re just the person to share it. Pray that the Spirit provides the words to confidently share the gospel with those around us.

2. It can be awkward or difficult:

We dread having to have that conversation with somebody. Any heavy conversation at all can be difficult, not just sharing the Gospel. Whether it is with kids, a spouse, our friends or even our parents, there is usually an uneasiness about weighty conversations that cause those on the receiving end to put their guard up. To not cause any problems and make others uncomfortable, maybe it’s better to not share Christ.

But we should share anyway. When you have an opportunity to share Christ with someone close to you, what is the first thing that usually enters your mind? It’s usually something like, “We’ve worked hard to create this relationship and I don’t want to ruin it!” In reality, it is that unique position of trust that will give your personal testimony of Christ solid ground to stand on. While you don’t need to awkwardly force the conversation to happen, if there are points where you naturally turn to Jesus, be honest and boldly share how being close to Jesus has been a part of your journey.

share Christ

3. No one is asking: 

In Awkward Evangelism, Tim Reilly makes the point that it is weird in an everyday conversation to answer questions that nobody is asking. Here’s a case in point: When you’re hanging out with friends and trying to decide on a place for dinner, look at one of them and say, “There are 24 hours in one day.” You’re going to get a crazy look because that’s out of context and answers a question that nobody was asking. Apply that same example to the friends around you who may feel compelled to share Christ with. It just doesn’t make sense to start, out of the blue, telling them that we’re all fallen and at risk of being eternally separated from God. To not look weird and completely out of place, maybe it’s better to not share Christ.

But we should share anyway: The truth of the matter is that sharing Christ might be a little awkward at first, and that’s okay. If you aren’t somebody who regularly shares Christ with those around you, it may seem to them like it’s coming out of left field. Ecclesiastes tells us that each and every one of us is created and hardwired to be looking for answers (Ecc. 3:11). Even if somebody isn’t asking you to tell them about Christ outright, keep Jesus at the forefront of your mind and you might just find that people are looking to hear about Christ more than they realize.

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