What is baptism?

Baptism is the public sign of initiation into the story of Jesus. As a sign, it points to a change that has already happened internally because of Jesus. It shows that you have exchanged your old story and your old life with a new story and new life all because of Jesus.

Who gets baptized?

Baptism is for anyone with faith in Jesus. There is a tight connection between coming to faith in Jesus and getting baptized in the New Testament. In this way, it is a sign of initiation and is meant to be the starting line and not the finish line of faith.

At CCC, the age requirement for baptism is 12 years old.

Why get baptized?

Jesus commanded us to be baptized in Matthew 28, and so in baptism, you are affirming that Jesus is your King and your life belongs to him. It is your first yes to Jesus, with hundreds more to follow. 

How can I be baptized?

There is a one-hour baptism class required before getting baptized. Sign up below to take the next class and be baptized

Questions? Contact [email protected] or stop by the Next Steps Area during a Weekend Service.