We know that community can be hard to find. We are here to help! 

Life is exhausting. Between the demands of work, school, and home life, finding a group of friends that support and encourage you might feel unrealistic. But do not let your routines get in the way of finding rich, life-giving relationships.

Made for

We believe that human beings were made for community. You were meant to live in relationship with other people who will be there for you, encourage you in your faith, and be real with you. But how are you supposed to find that?

We are here to help you take your next step to find a community where you fit in.

If you need help, whether it is with your mental health, your marriage, or you just need to talk to someone, your next step is to connect with our Care team!

Everyone has a next step.
Ready to take yours?


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1. Come to an event.
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3. Connect with our Women’s team.

Group Life

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At CCC, we know that human beings are made for community. But the realities and pace of adult life can make finding community that you can trust difficult. We believe that getting plugged in with a community of people that have reimagined life because of Jesus is possible and we are here to help. The life that God is calling us to live is one of connection, purpose, and support. Join us as we get there together!